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May 2007
U.S. $18.95 / $24.95 CAN
ISBN 978-0-7679-2278-4

Tommy Semosh

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"Dunleavey focuses her program on conquering the behavioral impulses that keep people from getting the bigger things they really want from life-whether that means packing in a jetset lifestyle, buying an alpaca farm or ditching the newly-purchased suburban dream home to return to the city to be near friends. By emphasizing the quality over quantity of spending and providing quick exercises to help prioritize what matters, she produces a holistic and realistic method of financial planning."
— Publishers Weekly

"(Dunleavey) advocates spending for convenience and saving time; after all, it is false economy to spend $60 on two pairs of shoes that wear out in 90 days. There's much good discussion, too, on boosting fun yields and gaining by giving; the elements of happiness, for most, involve relationships of all sorts and paying rent for the spaces we occupy on this earth. Worth a second and third read."
— Booklist

"MP Dunleavey gets to the core of our issues with money by acknowledging that yes, money can make us happier—if we use it the right way. She uses the latest research along with examples and quizzes to help readers figure out what they really want and how they can better deploy their money to get it."
— Liz Pulliam Weston, personal finance columnist and
author of the best-selling "Your Credit Score"

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